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Made In Portland With A Bit Of Design.


Skosh is a small team of designers based in Portland, Oregon. Skosh—meaning “a small amount”—is at the core of our design ideology, and we are always working to challenge ourselves to do more with less. Our team consists of a variety of individuals, each with their own skill-sets and creative interests, who share a similar passion for intentional design. We are dedicated to quality, durability, craft, and process. Most importantly, we are dedicated to continuously exploring what design means to us so that we can continue creating beautiful objects for your home and life.

Our little family of designers has a heart as large as our efforts to create thoughtful designs that journeys from our workshop to accompany you in your home. Our team consists of a few perfectionists, eccentrics, minimalists, computer programming wizards, photography gurus and theorists, all of which have a pedal to the metal attitude when it comes to the excellence of our work, and maybe just a skosh amount of passion for a festivity.


Studio Skosh was founded by a group of students in Portland, Oregon of 2020. Since then, these Skoshmen and Skoshwomen have been working hard to create fun and exciting objects to make your environment more enjoyable.


Mini Cork Wireless Charger

A minimalist solution to your charging needs.