The Skosh Story

The initial concept of Skosh was born over the course of several late night philosophical conversations and a pitcher (or three) at our favorite Eugene watering hole. As design students at the University of Oregon, we recognized the importance of having an environment in which creativity and synergy can thrive. We had access to such environments at UO—a major benefit of its behemoth infrastructure—but then Covid 19 became a reality. Like so many other parts of daily life, education became remote. 

Just like that, our creative environment was gone, taking with it the synergy and sense of community we held dear. The loss of normalcy was painful, but as designers we viewed the new and evolving circumstances of the pandemic as a challenge to overcome rather than merely a setback. 

Over the following several weeks, we worked to recreate what we had lost by creating our own independent design studio. We didn’t know what exactly would come of this effort, but our primary goal was clear; provide a collaborative space for our peers in which our creative juices can flow (while socially distanced of course).

Each day is an opportunity to figure out what Studio Skosh means to us and shape it into the space we need. We’ve focussed on maintaining a shared ideology of intentional design, as well as remaining open to projects’ whose values align with ours. This attitude of open mindedness has led to a variety of interesting projects which we are truly excited to share with the world. And while the great unknown can be frightening at times, we’re even more excited about all that lies ahead.